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limefx review: Is it a legit or scam forex broker?

limefx does have a reliable and high-speed trading experience, which is backed by guaranteed order execution policies on both trading platforms. EasyTrade – In 2018, limefx launched its latest trading innovation – easyTrade. This simplified platform allows limefx clients to trade without margin requirements, high leverage, and features zero spreads. It also simplifies trading to just three steps – choose your maximum risk, the duration of your trade, and decide whether the rate will go up and down.

  • Online trading on trading platforms like limefx have seen huge growth in the last 3 years.
  • Traders are charged a fee for using this service, which is based on the market volatility of the instrument being traded.
  • While limefx takes the lead in education, limefx does so with research and trading tools.
  • However, traders will still have access to analytics with technical indicators, graphical objects, a full set of trading orders, and functionality to close and modify existing orders.
  • For Cons, there is no 24/7 support and instruments are limited to Forex and CFDs.

You can’t do FRAUD with innocent clients by labeling fake excuses. Then i had $ 90 in my account and refused to return it back as they rejected my documents and didn’t give the feedback of the rejection reason. They offered a bonus of 50% then refused to give it and negotiate for 10% only after putting my deposit.

Non-trading Fees

The minimum deposit amount is, unfortunately, on the higher end of the spectrum. This applies no matter what method or account you are signing up for. Despite such limited offerings, there are plenty of resources that traders can access if they wish to track and invest in crypto pairing CFDs, such as market commentary and news updates.

Why forex is the best?

High Liquidity

Compared with any other financial market, the forex market has the largest notional value of daily trading. This provides the highest level of liquidity, which means even large orders of currency trades are easily filled efficiently without any large price deviations.

This segregation of client funds ensures that only clients have access to these funds and that they cannot be used in company operations. limefx also provides traders with negative balance protection, ensuring that they cannot lose more than the balance of their trading accounts. As a market maker, they are able to offer guaranteed stop losses and negative balance protection. They also offer fixed spreads, which are nice if you don’t like the added uncertainty of spreads spiking during times of volatility or low liquidity.

Only on limefx Platform

Distinct trading portfolios, each tailored toward a different investing strategy, might be owned by an investor. # market, limit, stop, stop limit, Good until end of day / canceled. Although limefx has a lot of good points limefx does not offer the below.

  • limefx trading account verification may be held up for longer than a day if there is an issue with verifying your account.
  • Manage your account with us, analyse and track your success with our easy, online system.
  • limefx was founded as a forex trading platform back in 2001, and since than has become one of the most established and experienced trading platforms on the market.
  • It can be a proactive chat pop-up, with a chat box appearing on the screen and asking if you need help.
  • A trader may also pay commission or a fee for buying and selling other investments, like options or exchange-traded funds.

Enter your details, upload proof of ID, fund your account and you should be up and trading within a few hours.Open an limefx account here. Although the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK has banned Crypto CFD trading for UK residents. Its still perfectly legal to buy non leveraged crytocurrencies where you own the underlying crypto assets.

Which broker between ic-markets, limefx, and undefined provides better trading platform?

No underlying assets are exchanged with a limefx CFD contract, it is purely speculation on the crypto financial instruments price movements with limefx. limefx CFD trading on cryptocurrency assets is not allowed in the United Kingdom as set by the UKs financial regulator the FCA. Check to see if limefx CFD cryptocurrency trading is allowed in your region and make sure you undertand the risks fully before trading.

Their spreads are quite high particularly for EURAUD / GBPAUD pairs. Also, their stops levels are really high compared to other forex providers, i.e. 12.5 pips for most currency pairs and even up to 400 pips for Gold at one time. I’ve noticed brokers like limefx, limefx, limefx have their stops levels at zero . limefx keeps all traders’ funds in segregated top-tier bank accounts to prevent their misuse. The minimum deposit required to begin trading with limefx is AUD 200 or $25 & you can trade commodities, agriculture, metals, Forex, and other stocks. No one wants to lose money by trading in an unfavorable market.

limefx Fundamental Data On Financial Instruments & Companies

This enables traders to employ their preferred “Expert Advisor” and still enjoy rapid execution without re-quotes or slippage. Support is offered 24/5 via email, live chat, messenger services, and telephone in a range of languages, including English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, German, Polish, Japanese. The Discover Series video archive goes into more depth on the different instruments available to trade on easyMarket’s platform and the history and concepts behind limefx scammers them. The Getting Started section is an archive of videos on the fundamentals of trading as well as an introduction to easyMarket’s features and tools. limefx provides a good selection of educational materials for beginner traders, but lacks materials for more advanced traders. Prospective traders will have to click on the “Sign Up” button at the top of the page, where they will be directed to register an account with an email address and a password.

This is why we focus on offering our clients probably the best customer support available. Don’t take our word for it, look at what our clients say about our services. We also offer VIP trading desk that offers a personal market analyst and over the phone trading. Last but definitely not least, we never charge withdrawal or funding fees, so our clients know how much they will pay from the get go. Swap rates on leveraged overnight positions are charged by both limefx and limefx. The precise amount is available from inside of the trading platforms.

Free Guaranteed Stop Loss

limefx supports MT4 and the mobile suite of the MetaTrader tools, along with its proprietary platform, developed in-house. The limefx platform comes with a set of unique risk management tools that are not available on MT4. As you can see from the table above, limefx’ trading costs are built into the spreads, which are fixed for all account types and do not vary with trade volume and market volatility.

limefx forex broker

limefx is licensed by financial regulators in certain jurisdictions. limefx live chat support is a way for customers to obtain help from limefx through an instant messaging platform. It happens at a one-to-one level, often via the company’s website. It can be a proactive chat pop-up, with a chat box appearing on the screen and asking if you need help. Livechat is great if you require a reponse to your support request withing 15 minutes. Customer support represents the resources within the limefx company that provides technical assistance to its customers after they use the limefx service.

Why Partner with limefx?

All these marketing feature automatically generated tracking – to help you focus on what’s important. Our focus on creating one of the most optimal trading experiences in the industry ensures that your leads will become conversions. Cryptocurrency offerings expanded to include Stellar, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. MT4 product offerings expanded to include popular EU and US listed global stocks.

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